Monday, 8 July 2013

Pause & Reflect

I'll start with the fun stuff because its a little more uplifting. I'm not overly fond of reading posts where straight off the bat its dreary news, that'll come but I don't want it to be first. Plus, if I put the harder stuff at the beginning, adding cheerful at the end comes across (at least to me) like I'm trying to bury the heavy. It's like telling a child "your pet has, have this lollypop".

SO!!! On to the Yay Stuff!!!


Some of the items arrive via email in pfd form like:
  1. Wedding Dress Silhouette
  2. Hug Me
  3. Woodland Sampler SAL
  4. Summer Sampler SAL
  5. Drinks All Around
  6.  Claddagh Knotwork

The Lot -  there are 2 pieces of Fiddlers (oatmeal) aida cloth 14 x 32 if I remember correctly & 3 packages of just white aida.
A dragon pattern along with 2 of the speciality threads required and a love tree.

Here is a closer view of the Dragon "Noon Basking". I have someone in mind for this, though do not think I will get to starting it this year as I have too many on the go. Plus, they may stumble upon this blog (doubt it) and figure it out. ;)

I thought this was a great Love heart tree. 

While this one isn't a "mail" funzie - its from a Cross Stitch World magazine I picked up from Chapters. It would be a perfect gift for my mother in law for xmas. There are just enough places to fill it with each of her grandchildren's names + leaving one heart blank (in case my brother in law decides that they are wanting to try for a boy eventually. His wife is due next week, with a 2nd girl. *haha*)

Something else - Indirectly related to xstitch that arrived in the mail today was the wedding invite for my cousin's October wedding. I already have to miss out on another cousin's September wedding, but have decided I will do the "Wedding Dress Silhouette" for her. He, on the other hand, I have not pinned down the exact project for it. Ideas yes, but nothing 100% decided. Regardless, I shall have to begin on both of those shortly here to avoid not running over deadline.


Soccer - finally was able to get the piece I did up for my dd's coach framed/matted and given to him today. Its been riding around in my van for a few days as when I went to his office it was already closed (summer hours) so I had to wait til today. I think he was actually shocked. Thankful, but obviously it was an unexpected gift. *I Win* - lol As I told him, I wasn't able to get the girls to all sign the mat as they weren't all there at the end game (many of our team was missing as they were at the Taylor Swift concert).
This is the finished product. -  It is by Woodrow Bowman.

SAL's - I've joined up with a few SALs. I've also fallen behind. My brain thinks I can stitch faster then my hands can. Most certainly a case of 'biting off more then one can chew" what with the other projects I've got going on.The one I'm working steadily at catching up on is the Summer Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

Future Orders: I went over some of the bigger projects I'd really like to get completed plus a few smaller travel pieces. Then plunked myself onto 123Stitch and ordered all the colours I need for each & every project. They include:
  1.  "Crab Is In" 
  2. Lobster Trap
  3. Strength
  4. Glass Skull
  5. Amie's Piece
  6. Heart Tree
  7. Rustic Barn. 

The Sad Stuff:

The sadness lies with a friend of mine. Her Dh a few mths ago (May) was diagnosed with having stage 3, aggressive brain tumors. While he had up days and many down days, he still held fast that he wanted to get married to her as they had planned for later this summer. So just this past weekend (June 29th) they held their cozy ceremony in their backyard with a few select friends and family members.The Claddagh Knotwork is the piece that was to be for their wedding as she really like celtic things. However as they had to speed track their nuptuals, I didn't get it finished (and still only just have 1/4 completed.). 2 days later he had a seizure so bad that while he's not in a coma, he hasn't woken up. 

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