Friday, 19 July 2013

Learn to Floss

Boo ya!!! My large order of dmc came in yesterday! I've paired it all up with their intended projects and am quite excited about it.

So Rustic Barn (the one pictured) gets its floss.....

The Crab is In - Gets its specialty flosses

Lobster gets his flosses -

I get to do some more work on hubbies :Strength piece now that I have the correct floss for that.

Love Tree is a small piece, easily carried around in my purse so I've added it to the floss gifting for when dd & I take our Mother/Daughter trip in a few weeks.

The rest of the pile goes towards Amie's piece - which I couldn't take a photo of as I couldn't find the pattern or started fabric when I did project photos. I'm sure its not far as the rest of these were all together.

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