Thursday, 25 July 2013

A few finishes - The week of July 22-26

I went back & realized I didn't post the completed product of "Eagle at Sunrise". I'm still unsure of what its finishing technique will be. I think I shall have to learn some DYI techniques for mat cutting so I can be a bit more creative with framing more of the completed things. Along with my WIP's binder - I also have a Finished binder. Mainly filled with smaller stitchings that don't really have a reason other then they were cute or time fillers when I chose to stitch them. But that's besides the point.

Stitches Added:

I put a few stitches into "Strength" while sitting at home, outside, in the sunshine - as that is the easiest way to see though the navy cloth.

I also put a block of colour into "The Glass Skull". Good goddess that's going to be a boring piece after all.

Which brings me to admitting new starts....


I have started the Christmas gift for my MIL. Now that my husband's brother has had his 2nd baby (Drew's wife is adamant that I am not the Aunt despite my husband being called "Uncle" - its very hurtful, and I think because she knows that it gives her case you might be wondering why I didn't just say "my niece") I can fill in all the hearts. There will be 1 left over and I plan to find a small scrap booking sign that says 'reserved' for that extra remaining heart. It may never actually be filled, but it'll still be cute to have a place pending instead of just an empty heart.
To boot - I also too the "Crab is In" to work Monday (as its the long day and really, few people overcome the Monday blahs and venture in & no one actually comes in after 3pm so I've got a lot of sit time) and finished it. Again - still unsure of how I want to finish it. While the pattern had it's model stitched on oatmeal/fiddlers cloth, I chose to stitch mine on seafoam. Its actually just a few shades lighter then the words and I think it paired up nicely.

I realize the buttons are upside down, but they are top heavy & wouldn't sit nicely the other way (I tried it first).

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