Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sheep and Hippos and Salt, oh my

Fun In The Mail:

I have a few more patterns arrive. This is the last of my current orders.
  1. Tropical Yellow
  2. Mystic Aida
  3. Stellar Aida

          Patterns :
  1. Loving Free
  2. Tequila & Salt
  3. Imbolc
  4. Tribal Hippo

Cross Stitching Funage!

I was  finally emailed the PDF for Imbolc and took no time to start it. I've actually completed it, on Confetti. Its not a complicated piece, mostly back stitching. As the background is a light yellow, the wording "IMBOLC" doesn't show up very well so I've outlined it with green (703). I tried it in white first, but that didn't make much of a definitive difference. Clearly the green does. I have to wait to post a completed photo until she receives it.

Hippo-cala-fraga-listic….x stitch Al a ghost is. ;)
My eldest son’s favourite animal. The Hippo. I started this for him on the Mystic aida. Its almost a denim colour. Dark navy with lighter leaf like imprints faintly added. The whole stitching part though is done in a single colour of light gray (dmc 762).

I have found that these speciality dyed fabrics are a lot softer then Charles Craft aida. It means a hop is necessary, and that I have to be careful not to pull my stitches to tightly as it makes big holes :(

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