Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Isn't this the cutest pinàta? Its from Frosted Pumpkin Stitches. I've got it stitched on both sides of this ornament. I've also got it started on a piece of purple cloth as well.

These cloth bits arrived in the mail this morning. One of them was suppose to be for my other Frosted Pumpkin piece but I obviously clicked on the wrong size as it will be too small. Each of these is 8x12 and I needed an 8 x 18 *le sigh* Guess I'll just have to pop on and reorder a bigger piece. No worries though I'm sure I can find a great piece to use each one of these dyed fabrics with.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Whirl Wind!!!

Ugh! What a week of head aches. The kids are all sick, coughing, whining....you know, normal sick kids stuff. Complete with my eldest (who's finishing up grade 10 atm) calling during lunch break (his and mine) to see if I could drive to town with some TEA  for him. He's actually used the words "Mom, can you make me some tea?"  With my lunch break fairly short, I have been sending him to school with a thermos in the morning as it takes over 1/2 hr to drive to town and then home again, let alone factor into finding him once I get there. Poor bugger he's even had to miss work today - who wants to have cough added to their fries...yuck. All thanks to my Dh who brought it home with him last week. (We were totally healthy up until then! >>Dagger eyes<<)
Then there's been other people causing mental exhaustion. I haven't been getting a whole lot of sleep so my eyes are very dark. Even the farmers have commented. (* ~ *)

Stitching has been slow as I start, put a couple of stitches in and just feel......blazé.

Here's what I have made head way on though.

Husband & Wife:
I don't know why they've rotated themselves, or how to rectify them on here. I did do more work on the leaves, their hair and started adding the words.


 I'm going to add 2 pictures of this one. The first is what it looks like while I'm stitching. Dark Navy - which is why it hurts my eyes to no end unless its really bright. Even with the light Gina so kindly lent to me, it is hard to see....mainly because the light bulb itself blinds me and I just see spots. The best place for stitching this is outside in the bright sunshine.

Now heres what it looks like when I use my flash - easier to see what has been added stitch wise. The black shading under the letters specifically.

 Here is the little blood drop from the pattern below. Showing both the front and the back. Its not neat enough to be reversible, but isn't sloppy either.


So I was able to get frames and mats cut for both boys pieces. I think they turned out really good!





 Aida cloth arrived from 123 Stitch. The Herald was suppose to be a lot more of a bright green then the dark teal that it turned out to actually be. I'm not sure what that was all about - but it wasn't at all what I was expecting :'(  Especially since it was to be used for the Tribal Panda cross stitch.

I did start on the panda though despite the saddened colour mismatch.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Husband's Week

Every year my husband gets a cross stitch for his birthday. This year I was slacking and didn't get his finished. I've actually got about 5 on the go that are specifically for him. As I work through all these other WIP's and start up new pieces, he's been scowling knowing his pieces have been put on the back burner. SO! This week I've decided to dedicate my stitching times to him. There are 2 that I've picked to put some extra stitches into. The first is the couple "Man & Wife" by D. Morgan. A Leisure Arts leaflet.

The 2nd is "Strength". This one is a little harder on the eyes as it is on navy aida. I have brought it to work with me & this morning a community member ran back home to bring me a stitching lamp so that I didn't "damage your eyes young lady". Hahaha. Thanks Gina.

As both are larger pieces (Strength is a 4 page fold out) I'll probably be dedicating the next 2 weeks to them, with a few break up smaller quick stitches. As I have recently discovered the absolute cuteness of The Frosted Pumpkin! I've ordered 2 of their patterns, one I have already begun but need to buy a signal extra colour in order to finish it up. The other is a monthly SAL. I have ordered fabric from 123Stitch and need to wait for its arrival before I can start *twitch twitch*.

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