Wednesday, 17 April 2013

This week's Goals

This weeks big stitch goals were to work on "Let it Snow" as well as "A Mother's Love". The smaller stitch goal was to work on "Fox".

Fox - Just needs a head. I finished his little body and tail & did the back stitching for those parts, but he's still headless. Shall take him to work with me tomorrow as it is a short day & should probably get him completed.

Let It Snow - I finished the border, the snowflakes and the words at the top. There are a few areas of gray I need to touch up on in the snowman shadowing and his toque, as well as some of the trees. The biggest part left is the blue background. 

A Mother's Love - I got a lot done on the giraffe's as well. I finished stitching the mother's head, and did the back stitching on both baby & mama's faces. There is still a fair bit of lower body as well as grass to stitch though. The customer for whom it is being made for came in today. I decided I couldn't keep it a secret anymore (she didn't know I was stitching something for her) & showed her my progress and she seemed pleased. I hope she likes it once its completed.

And of course! FUN IN THE MAIL!!!

The leaflet of old barns came in. With  my endless pieces already looking to have some work done on them, it'll have to wait until a week where I have only small pieces scheduled to be worked on. Til then it joins my ever growing stash of  "I'd love to stitch that" pattern collection.

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