Thursday, 25 April 2013

This week has Gone to the Birds!

Stitch literally!! Both my big & little projects this week that I've chosen off the WIP/UFO list are avian in theme. I'm not sure when I started the Northern Cardinal. I think it was originally tabbed to be a 'any child' charity piece for one of the quilt stitching groups but never did get completed. Thankfully it wasn't one that anyone was expecting or waiting on so I harbour no guilt on its incomplete nature. I came to that conclusion based on the square size of the surrounding cloth in comparativeness to the small bird plunked in the centre.
However - like with all things - it should really get finished and find a good home. I have discovered that there is a large berry that needs to be frogged out as it is 1 line out of place. Infuriating! Now I could just leave it & pretend its suppose to be that close to everything else, or actually take the time to frog it and move all 70 stitches now that 1 line....but I probably won't.

As both pieces are on 18 ct instead of the faster 14ct - my eyes tire faster stitching in the dim light of my office (I only have 1 window & it's around the corner from my desk & the lights are just basic boob lights w/ 60wt bulbs)

The 2nd bird is the "Eagle at Sunset". I'm sure I can get at least this one completed by the end of the weekend as there will be plenty of sit around time while my DD has her dance recitals. My parental volunteer option has very little hands on need. Given that there are only 7 colours to this chart, it is easier to store in my purse and have as a take with me piece then the cardinal who has 30.

Fun In The Mail:

I realize it isn't cross stitch based, but its still the mail! Love'n me some good Canadian ribbing & investigative props :D Another equally as wonderful Canadian series is Republic of Doyle (if you happen to be interested in watching some other detective styles that have wonderful characters and are not as hack and slash as many other shows are)

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