Monday, 1 April 2013

Starting Fresh

I have decided to create a blog specifically for my stitching projects. One that is separate from my personal life blogging. It will help to keep me organized in my projects....hahaha who'm I kidding? It'll at least give me a set place to express my cross stitch obsessiveness in open forum. :p

In the mean time, while I try to establish some order to my projects binder, my chart shelves and the tangled ball of dmc skeins that I dread having to fish through for the correct # required for the current project du jour.

Brief "About Me" I've been stitching for over 20 years. Started in grade school as a time passer when assignments were done or the new books hadn't arrived in the library. I like to stick to medium sized projects. Nothing too fancy and big or it just won't get done. I gaze dreamily at the HAED designs but know I just do not have the patience to see them through if I were to start. 123 Stitch is my go to for pattern droolage. I try to limit my wishlist and frequently update it to remove duplicates (as they don't have a reminder option when adding something to your wishlist that is already on it) or patterns that I added in a moment of desire & have fallen out of interest with. Most of the time I stitch for other people. Not that they pick a project for me, but I see something that reminds me of someone else and I will stitch it for them to commemorate an occasion of sorts. Wedding, baby arrival, birthday, Christmas  - those sorts of things.

I like to browse CyberStitchers (where I also have an album) and relish when I see that a project I have picked up has yet to be stitched by anyone else despite the enormous amount of talent that the members ooze in their own albums.

I always have multiple pieces on the go. Part of it is neurotic - part of it is.....well, no, its all neurotic, but I do tend to have a bunch of smaller pieces hidden about the house, in the glove compartment of both vehicles and always in my travel bag. You never know when things are going to be dull and you need to entertain yourself. I'd rather stitch while waiting for one of the kids to get out of their after school functions then fiddle with the phone. I know other mothers are giving me that "she's so odd" look, but at least at the end of the time I have something to show for it beyond a headache from looking at random funny pictures on a small screen. :) I have to keep an extra few simple ones w/ me too now as my daughter has picked up stitching as well and sometimes the 'quick stitches' I bring along for me to do, she winds up claiming. *haha*

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