Thursday, 18 April 2013

Small Things

As I work (and live) in a small rural area, we have many farms, meaning many farm-ers. I have a pair of customers (a father/son duo) who come in and are aptly dubbed my "Flirty Farmers". The father will be celebrating his 81st birthday in the next few weeks. He has made a fair # of comments to the effect of wanting a kiss. Which he will not be getting other than the candy kisses in the dish I have on my counter. That's taking the "sealed with a...." notion too far. Ha!

A great example would be the tale that happened around Christmas time. There is a lady whom he once dated ("dating" in the sense that older folks do) and one day he met up with her in the parking lot and he'd told her how she needed to give him a Christmas kiss because I had already done so. Believing him she parted with a smooch on his cheek and ventured into the office. She of course shared this little event and I snickered to pointed to the candy dish on the counter with Hershey's kisses in it. She was very embarrassed she got duped by the flirty farmer! Hahahaha Now its a big joke between us when she comes in and has just missed his visit by a few hours. "ya know, your boyfriend was in"

W/ that in mind I have stitched him the following thing for this upcoming birthday. It was a freebie from dittibroderie @ one time called "Kiss Me". I just omitted the word me, moved the word kiss down to the bottom and added the personalized back stitching on top instead.

Completed the Little Fox as well.

The pattern for this guy is found in Issue 240 of the "Cross Stitcher" magazine (June 2011). This was the free gift that came with the issue. I misplaced the black bead that was included for his nose, but a stitched nose makes him just as cute. This photo has him lighter - he's actually a brighter/rustier orange (dmc 720)

Fun in the Mail:

My pattern for "Cute As Can Bee" arrived today too. Insert motherly/baby cooing "Awwww". Granted he will have to wait in line.

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