Monday, 15 April 2013

Productive Weekend

So this weekend turned to be a dud in way of travel due to poor weather. However, it did leave ample time for stitching. I was able to complete the little baby ornament for our World Vision sponsored child. Not the child specifically, but for the little brother that was welcomed into the family back in December. I'm not sure the child's name so just put "Baby Boy" in lieu of a name space. It's not as faded colourwise as it shows here, but they were pastel colours.


I also was able to finish my Barred Rock Hen! Whoop! 
She's from the BH&G's Cross Stitch Magazine 1993. There was a trio. I stitched the White Leg horn one a few years ago. My folks have it in their cabin. Eventually I'll get the 3rd done too now that I've found its working copy. The magazine itself is disintegrated after so many years of opening and closing. It was my VERY FIRST cross stitch magazine. Given to me by my mothers friend. I stitched many of the pieces in those pages. 

Also- put some stitches into "Let It Snow".

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