Sunday, 28 April 2013

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A few weeks ago, amidst all the pleads for donors that were circulating both in the news & in life, I went and signed up with One Match . Actually, I had started the process a few years ago, but my husband talked me out of it w/ scare tactics of companies having my dna on file & how I react badly to needles as it is.
It has always sat in my gut as being the wrong choice for me (the backing out) though. A strong guilt, if you will, nagging me to continue on. I'm already a blood donor & have been for years. Some years more routinely then others - but I do like to make an effort. Its a little harder at times because we have to actually drive to the city (2 1/2 hrs away) to be able to make a donation as they no longer have the mobile units. As I occassionally feel woozy afterwards (and can not eat/drink the items they have in their cafe due to my many food allergies) I don't always like to venture down solo. However w/ my husbands shifts being all over the place - solo it gets to be. This year I have already donated twice w/ my third appointment coming up in June. 14 years ago I gave birth to a very sick little boy. He was covered in what looked like severe chicken pox. After tests (and rudely presumed questions by the nurses *scowls in recollection of the cranks @ the Grey Nuns Hospital*) they discovered that he also was filled with internal lesions and was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH or Langerhans X. Depending on which lingo a dr gives you). He had to undergo 9 mths of chemo as well as 8 blood transfusions. My thought was if he was using from the blood bank - I should be replenishing the stocks. Thus began donation commitment.

So.....I popped online & had them reinstate my name.  After speaking to a representative, who flukingly enough was the one I had spoken to when I had first changed my mind - I still had questions and concerns though. I understand donors don't get to know their recipients. @ least not unless both parties agree, and this is only after a year presiding a healthy/successful transplant. My fear is that someone, for lack of a better word "unworthy" winds up with this second chance. I'm not meaning someone specific based on gender/nationality/religion....I'm talking (worrying) more about those individuals who CHOOSE to make poor health choices like smoking (thus they have gotten lung cancer from that) or are severe drug addicts whose rehabilitation is less then stellar. Those kinds of choices. Ones where it was the persons own choosing and because of that life style choice.....wound up with the increased risk, and essentially developed the issue in which they now need this serious medical help.

Everyone deserves help - I know this, and genuinely feel it....but it would be dishonest to not admit that there is that snarky voice at the back of my mind that scowls and sneeringly goes "really? you're risking yourself to help them?"

 The rep pointed out that persons on the other end of this are also heavily screened before it is sought out as an option anyways. That there are certain quotas that need to be met health wise. This helped shut that nagging little voice up for a while.

They mailed out the package and it arrived this past week in an otherwise bland looking envelope with 4 cotton swabs (q-tips with extra long handles) in which to collect my mouth swabbing. One top right, one bottom right, one top left, one bottom left. Then I applied the label with my name & the date of collection to the handle and put them each into their respective spots on the cardboard holder that also came enclosed. Popped it back into the return envelope and mailed it away.

I have made a little blood drop kawaii pattern in celebration. I couldn't figure out how to convert a PAT (PCStitch program) document into pdf form so I just took a photo of the pattern with my phone and uploaded it that way. If anyone knows how to transfer program types I'd love to know. The free Pdf conversion website I usually use doesn't recognize pat files.

DMC Colours are (from outside in) : 350, 352, 758
310 for the eyes & mouth
321 for the cheeks and as the back stitching around the whole blood drop.

While its not on the pattern, on the one I'm in the process of stitching I've added the word "Donate" in black down the side. I have found a fabric I want to use to make it into a pillow or small wall hanging. Perhaps it will even get donated to the Canadian Blood Services I frequent.

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