Saturday, 13 April 2013

Earth Worm -an

I have this dreaded piece called "The Earth is our Mother". It came to me from a friend with one of the hands already stitched. You can tell it's the only thing she's done on it compared to my own added stitches because she's left handed and I'm right. Thus all her top crosses slant to the right and mine the left.

None of which really matters - the part that does is that she sent it to me....and the story behind its travels. The story goes as such:

Once upon a time (yes I'm going with that. Shush and enjoy the story)...once upon a time, there was a friend to two women. She was known by her friends as Amie Zonn. This friend found a piece of inspiration that she just knew she needed to have stitched for her home. She also knew that she, with her life as busy as it was with homeschooling her 3 children, her serious medical issues she was dealing with in her family, and her involvment of her blogs - that she would never have enough time to stitch the piece herself. Still, it called to her (as so often a good piece will) and she made the purchase of the kit. 

This kit sat amongst her things for an unknown amount of years before being rediscovered during a sporadic cleaning fit. Relighting her desire to have it completed she dialed up her good friend Cee-Cee. "Of course I'll stitch this for you. I'll make it one of my top priorities" Cee-Cee exclaimed. Thus Amie Zonn pushed it into an envelope, slapped a stamp on it & mailed it off across the United States. 

Well Cee-Cee is also a very busy woman, having 4 children of her own & crafts that also called to her for their completion (and lets admit it, start The envelope arrived and she set her own things aside for a while so she could concentrate on this kit. She started work on the hand.......8 years later she called me up and confessed she did not have time to do the piece would I be interested in helping both her, and ultimately our joint friend out by stitching it? "Sure" I did proclaim. Once again the kit was bundled up, stamped and mailed, this time cross border and into Canada. 

I put some work into it....but I truly do detest kitted pieces. The mess of colours that are often so close to one another in shade that when you have to match "grey beaver" up with "grey mouse" as colours.....never giving an actual DMC # one could easily look up and decifer - all the while expecting to keep the colours unknotted (once their shades figured out) while they dangle from the included flimsy cardboard chunk....Ya. I'm not a big fan of kitted projects. Give me a nice bundle of labeled skeins and piece of cut aida w/ matching chart & I'm good. I did try. I put a bunch of time and stitches in and then when I did a miscount and had to frog a bunch out.....then I did what I so often do when the frustration of frogging happens. I put it down, put it away, started a new project and forget about it.
 Which brings us to NOW. While sorting through my WIPS, determined to make better on my resolution to clear out my really old WIPS/UFO's this year than I did the previous, I came across her again. Only the issue now is that I can not locate the pattern. Sitting in a bin for 6 years and through a move, things have a good possibly of going missing. Which is now that problem I am faced with. Correction WAS faced with as I found on Ebay the kit! Abso-freakin-wonderful considering that it went out of print & is originally a 1996 piece. So I zipped on and put in a bid to buy. It arrived yesterday!! I will be smarter this time and make a working copy, put the original away some where safer and hope to finish this retched piece.

Oh yes, on top of my dislike for Kits, this project is really hard for me to "get into" as I feel no heart in it. I think a big part is that it jumps around from using 1 thread to 4 threads (like in the hair). The effect I'm guessing is to make it look more full - but you really can't tell. Its a nice enough piece - and I'm sure it will look lovely once it is completed, framed, matted and mailed back to our Amie Zonn ( though I have no doubts that she herself has forgotten all about its existence) to where she will be pleasantly shocked when it does. Until then I shall scowl at it and plug away at adding the necessary stitches until it reaches the Complete Pile.

I have no real excuse not to put more time into her completion now that I've gotten a new chart....and have posted this up for everyone who passes by to read.

.........even though I do have other pieces on the go atm as well. I'm dreadful. I know.

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