Saturday, 20 April 2013

Closing In

So this week I worked on Let it Snow. Adding the rest of the green to the trees, the red to the toque and the purple to the sky. The blue is slowly closing in and I need to locate my 3753 skein in order to complete the shadowing. There was plenty of time for stitching today as we were amid an ice rain storm for most of the morning - then flurries and harsh winds this afternoon followed by more wind and ice rain this evening w/ the promise it may get down to as cold as -14 during the night. Definitely not a sunny spring day that we would like to get. I think Mother Nature has forgotten Alberta likes springtime just as much as the rest of the province/country. Granted, stitching something asking for snow in the title is probably jinxing warmer weather.

Quaint Discovery: 
 Stuffed between 2 magazines I rediscovered this participial started piece. As the chart is only on a single loose page, pulled from an unknown magazine - I would like to get it stitched before I lose said page. This was something that I had bought off of Ebay. I hadn't had much experience w/ it before and so kept to things that were inexpensive. This pattern was one of them. Little did I know what I was paying for was simply a page torn from the sellers magazine collection. (Though when I went back to check the ad, it did indeed say it was a page) I didn't know it was legal to do such a thing. Regardless this is what I got.

I have added the bottom 1/2 of the chest, talons, and started on the tail feathers of "Eagle at Sunset" - by Ursula Michael. I'm stitching it on 18ct terra cotta coloured aida.

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