February Smalls Round Up

Here is my submission for the Smalls SAL.

 I'm very happy with all the stitching I was able to get done this month :) I've just gone and rounded up the individual Smalls from my February posts. Looking forward to March completions & to see what everyone else has done this month as well.

1. Just Nan: Peppermint Tree
 2. Ursula Michaels: Bundled up Girl
 3. Soda Stitch: Kissing Day
 4. Brigid's Cross
 5. I love Pasta
 6. PINN: Bookmark
7. Be Focused Bookmark

Alberta Winter Games 2018

My MIL requested our attendance to be volunteers at her event. I just have to say "Holy Man! those kids are fast on their skis!" The first day I was set up to take down their times as they passed by my check point. They skied around 4 laps in total to equal 6.25 km. They'd do a lap, flop down prone on the ground and fire off either their 22's or air soft & then do another lap and repeat. 3 shots, 4 laps.

Day One: this was my look out spot. Kids would come up from the left, then wizz by me into the trees on the right. It was almost 3 hours of sitting in the snow counting kids.

Day Two: Brrrrr!!! The temp dropped and the wind picked up. It was actually so chilly that they had to do all the air rifle firing indoors of the range as they don't work below -20 outside. It was explained that they lock up and won't fire true. This was a more intense day as the penalty loop came into play. The kids who were using air rifles did all 3 of their shots before the rac…

Valentine's Day.....

Bring on the LOVE! We don't make a big deal of this calendared holiday of love (It was just another Wednesday) but I can appreciate how love makes the world go round.
My neighbour gave me a bunch more crafting books, she's such a sweetie - a few were cross stitch but the most were older (early 80's) crafting books that I'm sure my own mother had copies of. In one of the books was this quick stitch 'I Love Pasta'. I had purchased a selection of pre-cut cloth (both as squares and book marks) so that worked out perfectly for these little stitches. Along with this 2nd little Pinn kitted bookmark I had sitting among my stash. This Peppermint Tree turned out really pretty with all the beads.

I think the patterns available by Soda Stitch are super adorable. This young smooching couple is super cute. I'm eager to stitch the other patterns I have either already in my stash - or have been favoring both on the Indonesia site and shops on Etsy that are offering them.…

January SAL check in

How did the end of January get here already? It feels like it was just last week we were having to change over to 2018. I finished off 2 smalls this month. The otters & this bookmark. I certainly have need this reminder of late. Be focused, not fixated. I've been quite distracted this past while.

Not much else to add for this month by way of stitching. I've started working on my brother's wedding piece. It's coming along much quicker than I thought it would. This photo doesn't really do good for showing the colour of the cloth - its actually on a light blue with a faint cloud look to it. A piece of grey cloth arrived in the mail this morning, I'd forgotten I'd ordered it for this project. Whoops. It will not doubt work well with another pattern I've got in my stash though.
Over at work, I've had Satsuki at my desk and giving her a little more body. 

*Here's hoping February will be more productive*

A good start: finish #1

Holy ice packs Batman! Brrrr!!!! We're still in this grotesque deep freeze here in Alberta. I came out of dance tonight (it's Wednesday so it was Tap & Ballet) and it had dropped back to -32. With a wind so sharp it felt even colder. My poor vehicle protested the whole way home. Luckily no one was behind me so I could go a little slower than the speed limit since the highway was icy and I kept losing traction. I can't wait for it to warm up a bit. -20 or so is manageable but this -30 to -46c stuff needs to go away. This little guy gets it!  Here's my first finish of the year! This adorable Otter Family. My da-otter (daughter) has claimed it for her room. She actually had said "it otter go into my room.." Her father rolled his eyes at our puniness. He's not as droll as we are. *snicker*

The previous start: long awaiting in my bin, that I've pulled out to work on getting complete this month is Sakura. A pattern from Lisbei's website (http://ludint…

Happy New Year! (2018)

It's looking like it's going to be a great year and I'm excitedly full of ambition in regards to my stitching projects and book reading challenges. Thus far there are 4 weddings to stitch for and a couple babies are due. I've got the 2 patterns picked out for both my husbands buddy's nuptials (I had started 'Adam & Eve' this past fall for that one but it was set aside...and now need to do up a baby sampler for them as well. FINALLY got their girl *thumbs up*) and will be doing Nimue's "Moonlight Fairies-Clair de Lune" for my baby brother's summer wedding.

My library put up a reading challenge this week to encourage more readers to use their facility. I use the GoodReads website/app and set my 2018 personal challenge at 20 this year. A doable number but it's also mood boosting when I go over that number. Pairing my GR challenge with the "help" list from the library will make book selection much more amusing. 

The Titl…

Christmas is approaching!

8 days left until Christmas. It's going to be a relatively quiet one this year. Hubby is away up north working, we only have 2 of the 4 kids home and while we have a family meal scheduled Christmas Night in the city with the extended family: many of the regulars have RSVP'd a "sorry can't make it" to my Aunt.

Monday's have been fantastically busy at work with all the parcels coming in. I love it! There was a real dip in the number of letters to Santa this year (which was disappointing). I think a lot of that had to do with Canada Post changing up the delivery of replies. School classes (and daycare groups) no longer get individual letters to their students - they get a Class sized letter with all the names of the children written on it. This was set up so that there wasn't duplicate replies to children who may have also written from home.Great for the big cities...not so much fun for our smaller towns. After looking at various other Santa Claus/Father Chr…